Innovation and Entrepreneurship Seminar 3 Entrepreneurship And Social Innovation-Korean Case

By Daniel Kuo

The Office of Innovation and Entrepreneurship ( OIE ) invited Professor Steven SJ Park, Department of Business Management, at noon on May 29, 2020 to share the spirit of Korean social innovation startups and entrepreneurs. The introduction was presided over by Li Jialing, director of the Office of Innovation and Entrepreneurship  ( OIE ), to guide students to understand entrepreneurship and participate in entrepreneurship. Through the sharing by professors, students have a deeper understanding of their future and mission.

Professor Steven SJ Park shared " What is your mission ? " as the opening remarks. The professor hopes that in addition to busy schoolwork, students may think about their future goals, missions and dreams. Through the history background of social innovation, the professor let students understand that in the era of the Asian financial turmoil in 1997, the chaotic economic situation and employment environment have caused young people in many countries of the world to invest in social innovation. The principle of benefit-based thinking have changed, more and more young generation hope to invest more in innovative businesses that make society more valuable.

In recent years, as information circulation has become faster and faster, social innovation has also developed more vigorously. Professor Steven SJ Park used three examples of social innovation startups in South Korea to open students eyes to the culture and innovation of different countries. By identifying air pollution problems and then resolving the source of air pollution, Korean social startups “ Good Sharing ” and Good Neighbor cooperated to focus on environmental issues and effectively improve air pollution. Another Korean social startups, Tella, allows Uganda’s high-level English education personnel to use video and audio to teach English in Kako, the most commonly used social software in South Korea, to solve Uganda’s low labor costs.

The sharing session of this innovation and entrepreneurship course not only opened up students' horizons, saw the cases of social startups in different countries, but also made students reflect on their goals and missions through the brilliant speech of Professor Steven SJ Park. In the future, whether starting a business or not, you will be able to live a wonderful life and a more meaningful life!


創新創業學程說明會 3
Entrepreneurship And Social Innovation-Korean Case 新聞稿 (中文)

【 商院創新創業辦公室訊 / 記者 郭省吾 】

本校商學院創新創業辦公室於 2020 年 5 月 29 日中午邀請商學院企業管理學系 Steven SJ Park 教授分享韓國社會創新企業以及創業家精神。由商學院創新創業辦公室李佳玲主任主持介紹引言,引導政大同學了解創業、參與創業。透過教授分享,更用不同國籍、社會背景的個案讓同學了解如何尋找到自己的夢想與使命。


Steven SJ Park 教授分享一開始便用“ 你的使命是什麼? ”當作開場白,讓同學當頭棒喝。教授希望同學除了在繁忙的課業之外,也不妨思考自己未來的目標、使命與夢想。透過社會創新的起源、背景歷史,教授讓同學了解到在 1997 年亞洲金融風暴的年代裡,混沌的經濟情勢與就業環境,讓世界上很多國家的青年都紛紛投入社會創新,除了傳統的金錢、利益本位的思考原則,更希望投入更多讓社會變得更有價值的創新事業。


近幾年,隨著資訊流通越來越迅速,社會創新也更加的蓬勃發展。Steven SJ Park 教授利用三個韓國社會創新的例子讓同學打開了眼界,了解不同國家的文化與創新事蹟。透過發現空汙問題,再解決製造空汙的源頭,韓國社會企業 Good Sharing 與 Good Neighbor 合作,專注在環境議題上,讓空氣污染有效改善。另外一家韓國社會企業 Tella 讓烏干達的高水準英文教育水平的人才,能夠透過視訊、語音等方式,在韓國最常使用的社交軟體 Kako 裡面進行英文教學,以解決烏干達當地勞力低廉的問題。


這次的創新創業學程說明會分享,不但讓同學打開了視野,看見不同國家的社會企業案例,更透過 Steven SJ Park 教授精采的演說,讓同學反思自己的目標與使命。未來,不論創業與否,都能夠活得精彩、活得更有意義!